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  • Gerard thought that Frank kid was an idiot for being underage at a bar just to watch their show. Not to mention he had to stand on a stool.

  • Gerard thought Frank was a total dweeb when Frank went on and on about his comic and record collection... but thought it was pretty cool, too.

  • Gerard thought Frank was crazy when he said he'd drop out of college to be in their shitty band at the age of nineteen.. but also kinda glad.

  • Gerard thought Frank was pretty funny looking with his spiky hair and the way he rolled around with his guitar.

  • Gerard thought Frank was pretty dumb, firstly because the scorpion on his neck was too high up and noticeable, and also because it only had five legs... not six.

  • Gerard thought Frank was pretty cute when he giggled in interviews and chewed on his lip when he looked at Gerard... not that he noticed.

  • Gerard thought Frank was amazing, the way he bled, sweat, and breathed for their band.

  • Gerard thought Frank was beautiful, the way his eyes fluttered shut after a long night and the way the thin cotton sheets outlined his small frame.

  • Gerard thought Frank was broken, the night he broke the news of his sudden marriage.

  • Gerard thought Frank was happy, the way he looked at Jamia, but he pretended not to notice the long glances cast his way.

  • Gerard thought Frank was forever, the way he smiled at him.

  • Gerard thought Frank would understand, the night he told him that the band was over.

  • Gerard thought Frank was fixed now, and pretended all those blog posts of Frank's didn't exist.

  • Gerard thought Frank loved him, even after Gerard shot him down again and again.

  • Gerard thought Frank would be okay.

  • Gerard thought.

  • Gerard didn't know.